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Watton-at-Stone Preschool

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We are part of Watton at Stone Primary and Nursery School

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At Watton at Stone Preschool our focus is our children – ensuring they are happy, healthy and confident.  We do this by providing a nurturing, stimulating, fun and secure environment.  


We’ve been operating since 1967 with a strong reputation in the local and wider community.  We are growing from strength to strength as in August 2015 we merged with Watton at Stone Primary and Nursery School becoming part of the Early Years Foundation Team.  This means we are better placed than ever to support our children’s development and ensure a seamless transition from Preschool to Nursery and Nursery to Reception.  


A high ratio of adults to children means we provide individual care and attention, ensuring every child is special.  When children first start coming to Preschool they each have a Keyperson who supports their needs and works closely with parents to make each child’s time with us happy, productive and a home from home.  


In 2014 we moved into a bespoke new building with excellent facilities, situated in the heart of the village and right next door to the local Family Centre and Primary and Nursery School.  It is a large, bright, open-plan space with free-flow access to our outdoor play area.  


We work closely with the local community and Family Centre, collaborating on activities and events to ensure we deliver a service that meets the community’s needs and that the children feel connected within the area they live.  


We are extremely proud of the work we do here at Watton at Stone Preschool and the children are delighted to be here.  We warmly welcome any parents and carers to come and visit.  Please feel free to contact the administration team in the Preschool office 8.30am-12.30pm if you would like to make an appointment to visit or to discuss admissions.


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Home Learing 3 Home Learing 2 Mrs Clarke 22.04.20 Mrs Clark 20.04.20 Mrs Plunkett 21.04.20

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Miss Bonds 22.04.20 Miss Bunyan 23.04.20 Mrs Clark 24.04.20 Home Learning 4
Mrs Plunkett 27.04.20
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Miss Bond 29.04.20
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